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26 October 2015,
Internet Of Things & Data Plans

The Internet Of Things – The Future of Our Civilisation

Imagine the world without Internet, No, Wait! That can’t happen! My kids would be moaning and griping with the loss of their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, my hubby would be disoriented without his Netflix and I wouldn’t be able to keep churning out a variety of recipes to feed hungry, fussy mouths. So I admit, I really depend on the Internet to get my family running in order.

Smartphones seems to be the number one device that people connect through with the internet and with the surge of data plans and packages being offered by mobile providers such as Smart, billions of people will be on board the internet by the end of the decade and even as we speak, we are at the forefront of many devices that utilises the internet – the beginning of the Internet of Things.

We rely increasingly on it with our daily lives and are inconvenienced if the network is disrupted and worse part, when safety, security and privacy on the internet are threatened. With vital information increasingly being infiltrated, there’s good reason for us to worry as more devices, especially smartphones can be monitored and even manipulated through the internet.

The growing online environment is also a changing landscape that dictates the type of jobs that will be conceived and soon to be obsolete as computers are programmed to take over tasks whenever possible.

We cannot deny that the World Wide Web provides us the benefits of universal information although we are also continuously challenged with the accuracy of that information. The internet has given us tools and wearables that have seen extraordinary advancements in language translation, appliance knowledge, image processing and health monitoring.

The internet has also expanded the horizons within the educational system where it is infused to all aspects of science and research, incorporating into regular school programme to boost conventional science and mathematics modules.

Even now, the important role of computing in daily life is being cultivated and future generations of scientists, engineers, programmers or infrastructure creators place their dependence around the internet system.

The evolving role of the internet can be viewed enthusiastically to shape our future realm for the better amidst serious challenges it needs to overcome to enable the progression of our civilisation. Read more about the future of internet in this article.

Watch the video below for some advantages and disadvantages of the internet.