"Education" Button on Modern Computer Keyboard.
6 January 2016,

If there ever was a time in history that being young and knowledgeable about computers was profitable, now would be it. Web developers make good money and have a list of jobs right now that they can jump to.

To those against STEM education taught at the most reputable international school in Kuantan, citing offshore development, – you are the ones creating the problem of outsourcing to begin with. If our local/national job force had a plethora of *qualified*, willing, hard-working teens and young adults who were willing to work for less while they got their careers started in an ever-present, constantly growing IT industry, we wouldn’t need to go outside our borders to find cheap IT labor would we?

The problem herein lies that we have too many people like you all, with years and years and years of experience and knowledge of “how things used to be” demanding higher amounts of money accrediting your penultimate expert knowledge of anything that ever was and will be. It’s also people like you all that grow into the senior management positions where you have the power to make that decision, and upon deciding on outsourcing, you say “well everyone else is doing it. business is business, blah blah blah”.

Having worked with many clients, the last, and probably most important thing to note: working with an outsourced IT firm is never easy and generally ends up being a poor decision, at least in the web development world. You spend hours and hours just trying to communicate requirements, you spend more time trying to figure out what they are saying, and in the end you are left with a product saying “you get what you pay for.” Companies are realizing that in-house solutions, while demanding a higher price up front, end up paying off in the end due to increased efficiency, quality, and less time wasted trying to fix mistakes made by “cheap outsourced labor”.

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