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28 January 2016,
stem cell therapy

Using stem cells for patient treatment is not new.


Stem cell therapy has been touted as a possible cure for conditions ranging from Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. This has raised hopes to many sufferers of these conditions, among their families, caregivers and friends.

While research is under progress, more knowledge is being accumulated about growing and using stem cells to cure diseases. Using stem cells for patient treatment is not new.

For many years, patients with blood and immune system diseases have utilised stem cells in bone marrow or in umbilical cord to assist in treatment procedures as well as to counter chemotherapy effects.

All around the world, research is underway to test whether stem cell therapy can be applied to help patients with other diseases, either by regaining body function or ceasing disease progression. These clinical trials are to ensure that any new stem cell therapy is safe before being employed into the health system.

Scientists, researchers and doctors are currently concerned that clinics and companies are already offering stem cell therapy for unapproved treatments without having first being tested. Because the offered therapy has not been tested, it is worrying as it may pose a health risk for the patient.

Patients are advised to get all the facts right before embarking on any stem cell treatment as patient testimonials are not scientific evidence that the particular treatment works.

Therefore, a patient needs to learn more about stem cells, how clinical trials are conducted to evaluate new treatments and what are the issues to consider before seeking any stem cell therapy.

So before you decide, you are advised to consult your doctor or specialist about stem cell therapy in your location. If you are in Malaysia, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre can offer you a detailed consultation on stem cell therapy to enable you to find out more about this regenerative treatment. Check out this article to learn more about stem cell treatments.