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5 October 2015,

Happy Woman Surprised Looking Her Smart Phone

Today the Facebook app is almost on everyone’s devices, giving us the power to share everything with friends and followers whether through text, pictures, audio or video and SMS messages.

With rapid changing news in the age of social media and the need to stay connected with the latest news, we usually utilise mobile communications channel such as SMS or officially called Short Message Services which Facebook has adopted to allow its users real-time convenience of receiving and responding to notifications.

Facebook users can change a profile, send messages, add comments and update status with its SMS service.

How to use Facebook SMS

To be able to use the SMS, first you have to activate the feature in your Facebook account settings and select which type of notifications you’d like to receive.

How to activate Facebook SMS

 You must link your Facebook profile with a cellular line to be able to enjoy the SMS updates. First, login to your Facebook profile; select the configuration menu to open up the “Account Settings”.

Select “Mobile” then choose “Add a Phone”. After that, complete the required information. Next type “F” to “32665” using your mobile device to receive a confirmation code via your SMS Inbox.

Enter the code into the code activation dialog box and you’re set to receive and reply to SMS notifications.

 How to configure your Facebook SMS notifications

 Facebook allows you to set up and choose types of notifications you want to receive according to the number and counts of alerts as well as filtering out the source through the Facebook account Mobile Settings.

How to stop Facebook SMS notifications

It’s very easy to stop receiving Facebook SMS notifications. Simply turn it off by typing “STOP” to 32665 via your mobile device or just access your Facebook Account Settings and select “Off” in the text notifications. Respond to the text message with “Unsubscribe” and you’ve completed the process.

Messaging rates

Facebook SMS is a free service for all its users, however, you will charged a standard text messaging fee according to your cellular service provider. If you’re in Cambodia, you could try subscribing to Smart telecommunication services as they are currently offering free Facebook SMS Cambodia notifications and only charge USD 1 cent for every SMS sent!

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