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21 March 2016,

Pink Entropy, the Middle Eastern marketing arm of Glowfish Capital, has appointed Faiz Kazi as its first chief search officer. Kazi will be responsible for creating informed consumer centric media experiences with a view to push innovative models and technologies that keep clients at the leading edge.

Having led the Telenor account at Starcom MediaVest Group for three years, Kazi brings with him a wealth of expertise in delivering effective digital strategies, coupled with a passion for executing creative work that delivers real business impact. As an associate at Starcom MediaVest Group, Kazi was groomed by Faisal Sheikh, the former agency boss of Brainchild Communications, since moved on to co-form with his clients IBL and Multinet.

About Pink Entropy

Led by Kristine Lasam and funded by Glowfish Capital, Pink Entropy is a marketing agency filled with willful minds. They thrive on entropy, thinking or acting to create order and balance in the world of brands, enterprise and bottom line.