3 September 2015,

Malaysia Unlimited High Speed Broadband Review: P1

When planning on which broadband package to choose I first take a look at what my needs are, be it speed, data, reliability or cost you must consider what exactly is your most important factor, I really wanted something I could literally plug in and play, which didn’t require months waiting for an engineer to set up.In my opinion it’s not about the fastest broadband internet, but the best deal for the price you pay, so from a variety of packages I looked at I found For Home Broadband by P1 offers an awesome all round great deal when it comes to price, data and speed.


I cannot live without the internet, so when I first look at broadband packages price is not the very first thing I go to, it’s quota, however P1’s ForHome broadband internet packages do start at an incredibly low introduction rate of RM39 albeit with a max quota limit of 5GB.Speed is obviously important when it comes to the internet, 1-2gbps should be sufficient for your regular browsing and streaming, P1’s Unlimited Broadband internet packages come with either 1 or 2 gbps as standard which enables for as much YouTubing and Spotify as I need!

Having said that you can usually expect speeds of about half what the providers advertise, so if you’re thinking about hammering plenty of torrents you are not going to get very far with 1-2gbps, however I found overnight at off-peak hours managed to get a pretty fast speed consistently.After taking a look at Price and Speed, lets look at quota, this is where P1 kills it, because you just plug right into a power pocket and switch it on just like a smart phone, getting unlimited mobile broadband (thats no quota limit) for as little as RM109 is awesome.So now onto stability, as I said I had heard bad rumours about P1, but living near Kl city centre where you think it might be congested and I had a fast reliable connection 99% of the time, also no fibre wires so rain doesn’t kill it!.

It is hard to tell if you’re going to get a steady good connection for your broadband internet, just because im ok does not mean you will be, so check out http://www.p1.com.my/wimax/coverage_ref.aspx for coverage in your area.

So the above is my opinion and experiences, so don’t take my word for it, go and look for a few other blogs and reviews and find out what they have to say.