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21 March 2016,

According to CMO magazine, a brand has successfully transformed when it manages to “regain the attention of your customers–and appeals to new ones.”

A company in South East Asia claims to have transformed over 219 brands since being formed in November 2013. That’s seven brand transformations per month.

The founders have called this company “Ivoke Interactive Digital Agency“, a place where brands are transformed. On LinkedIn, the company is listed as an IT company.

They currently list Subway, Saudi Airlines, Hardees, Eccountant, Super Crisp, Seed Out, Huawei and ZZ Studio as their clients.

The founders of “Ivoke Interactive Digital Agency” also founded Eccountant and Seed Out, and are on the board of directors of Hardees.

When we tried to find out what Super Asia does, we found the website hacked so lets hope this self proclaimed IT company isn’t transforming the brand.

The greatest client endorsement is from the founder’s business partner at Hardees.

What are the 219 brands they have transformed?
Does it still count as a client if its your company?
How much further can this company stretch the truth?

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