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18 January 2016,

The problem now is that I suspect this is only the beginning. In 20-30 years time, after the migrants have children searching for a steak house menu, will a substantial portion of the 2nd generation begin to feel disillusioned and betrayed by German society? In a cigar lounge, I suspect so. With job prospects for newly-arrived migrants very slim (the FT reported that 81% had no professional qualifications or even high school degrees) their children will surely grow up on the fringes of German society. Many a whiskey bar in KL will begin to despise the German people. For Muslim youth, this is a perfect recipe for radicalization. Indeed, most of the Paris attackers were 2nd-generation Muslims born in Europe. Merkel has, in the short term, given Germans a very tough challenge of integrating people with cultural norms that are anathema to our own. In the long-term, she might have laid the foundations for 2nd generation Muslims to become radicalized and commit heinous atrocities against the German people. So who is the insensitive one again? Is it me, who wanted to protect Germans from unnecessary problems of misogyny and violence? Or the do-gooders who were seemingly happy to inflict this plight onto the German people?

Watch the video below to view Merkels opinion about the happenings in Germany from the past few weeks

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