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26 April 2016,

You have probably heard of it, IKEA hacks where handymen or women buy parts of IKEA furniture (or even smaller thing such as placemats or candleholders) and combine them into something new, such as small furniture to organize their stuff or even a playhouse for their children.

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The amount of DIY guides has grown in the past few years. Because everyone can add a guide himself, the community is very active. Some of them can be very easy to do it yourself, like creative ideas for decorating your walls or making creative plates and photo frames, while other projects can be very challenging, especially when you are at your own. Some of the DIY things shown on the page are really inspiring, such as a projector and media storage furniture or even a retro gaming table. In this article I will include some of the nice contributions of the community.

The Nornäs tie display

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This tie display looks very neat, right? It really looks like something very expensive, but it is quite affordable. And for only 100 dollars you can make one yourself! The creator of this amazing piece of furniture is a tie collector, so you would probably not need that many cabinets to fill your tie collection. However, it might come handy to have two of these at home. You can read more about the guide here for more information or instructions.

Slim mid-century laptop desk

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Looking for something minimalistic or something in a narrow room where you can do your work? Try this hack! The hack is quite easy to set up and after you are done, you will have a small work table with two drawers included for some basic stuff like papers or some pens. You can read the detailed guide here.

The multipurpose bench

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I really liked the concept of this hack.The simplistic bench is made of two cabinets and it is possible to store a lot of things inside it. The design makes it very neat and with a few accessories you can change it to your preferences. Besides the storing, you can also sit on it or maybe take a small nap.

No space to livehandyman services 5

A quite common problem, right? You want to add another furniture or want to expand your closet, but there is not enough space for all your ideas for your bedroom. Well, you don’t have that problem anymore with this DIY-project. There is like a LOT of storage space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories. Here you can find a more detailed guide about this interesting and space saving project.

Because bigger DIY-projects are more challenging, especially when you have two left hands, it might be handy to ask for help from your family or friends. If they are busy, you can also try to find a professional handyman. In that case it is recommended to look for a handyman to help you with restyling your home. In Melbourne there are currently a lot of handyman services, especially when you are looking for home repairs & maintenance contractors to restyle your home. They will help you to makeover your kitchen or bathroom.

For more IKEA hacks, check out the video below.

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