Fly Screens For Windows
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26 April 2016,

“I wish I was a fly to eavesdrop their conversation!” I lost count of times my friends have told me that phrase. These pesky flying insects can somehow be everywhere. Although you might find them harmless compared to other odious bigger insects, I still cannot find them cute at all, quite the contrary…

If there was something that always make me mad when I was a kid – that was spotting these little insects on my food. I seriously refused eating after seeing a fly taking off from my plate, I simply just couldn’t stand them! Now I still finish my food if I see a fly on it but my disgustion towards these insects have not changed.

That is the main reason why my house is installed with fly screens on every window and on every single door. If you don’t have these “protections”, here are some fly facts that will make you get Fly screens instantly!

Fly Screens For Windows


– There are more than 120,000 species of flies grouped into families and genus according to their habits and lifestyles.

– Biting flies are usually more active in warm and more humid hours and they feed on blood.

– Other flies feed on filth and if that’s not disgusting enough, they carry more than 100 diseases; among those are the ones that commonly lands on your plate or attracted by fruits and other sugary things.

– They use their feet to taste and they are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than our tongue.

– House flies are the most popular species which can be found all over the world; they are able to survive everywhere and in every condition.

– House flies have only one pair of wings (and a 2nd pair just for balance purposes), they can move these wings 200 times per second!

– They have red eyes with 4000 lenses each but still have a poor sight. That’s why they mostly rely on smells, which they can sense with their antennas.

– Another sign of scarce intelligence (I really don’t like them!!) is that before they can fly forward, they have to jump up and move backwards.

– House flies have a lifespan of 15 to 60 days depending on the species.

– They poop every couple of minutes (nasty again) and this facilitate the transmission of the many pathogenic bacteria they carry.

– They have an incredible reproductive capacity, meaning that when there’s one, there may well be a whole huge group ready to attack behind your window!

Fly Screens For Windows

Admit it, flies are just annoying and not hygienic at all! If this fly swatter is currently your best friend, what are you waiting for? Prevent the presence of flies swarming around in your house by calling the professionals and install Fly Screens For Windows! Want to install fly screens right now after reading this? Then you should watch the video below, which will show you how to install a fly screen.

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