Category Tech
13 March 2016,

Facebook shutting down Parse was both hugely disappointing and surprising. I personally spent over a month integrating Parse into a mobile application to hold subscription details for users who purchased in-app upgrades. I chose Parse because it had the weight and resources of Facebook standing behind it. I estimated at the time that it saved me months of work creating my own server to store user data. With this announcement, it seems I stand to lose another month searching for a solution and then having to rewrite thousands of lines of code. This means less time spent innovating existing apps that improve lives and probably charging higher prices to users to make up for extra work. Shame on Facebook for wasting our time when their heart really wasn’t in it.

Just think about the number of apps that have been built using Parse. My first thoughts are with all the affected businesses and developers. The migration period must be frustrating and very costly. However, there are also winners in the story. This is a big opportunity for Google’s Firebase and its competitors.

This is a tremendous blow to the community. First of all, Parse was an empowering tool for new developers looking to get started building powerful apps without much boilerplate work. It made the learning curve much less steep. Additionally, this shows that Facebook is not a reliable cloud services provider. Thousands, probably even tens of thousands of iOS applications depend on Parse and now developers will have to invest enormous quantities of man hours to migrate. Thanks Facebook.