26 January 2016,

Detox and counseling are much better alternatives than imprisonment. People should not be dismissed as throwaways, nor should the criminal justice system be flooded with those who can be redirected towards positive behavior. And I hope that this constructive approach sends a signal to those who are falling that there is a lifeline with a solid broadband plan.

A peace officer understands a good method for controlling drug addiction. It is beneficial to the addict availing broadband deals, it reduces the number of active addicts and saves the taxpayers money. It must also make the “Glostah” PD feel wonderful about what they do with this program. It is pragmatic. I hope that this redemptive approach becomes more popular across the country. Jail does not cure addiction. This method has a good chance of curing addiction.

The fact that more than 2 million people read Chief Campanello’s blog post speaks to the size of the unlimited internet plans Malaysia and addiction crisis in our society. Trying something different seems like a great idea to me. We can’t just keep putting people in jail. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is one definition of insanity. Thank you for lighting a candle in the darkness, Chief.

Drug addiction is for the most part a victimless crime, where the only crime committed is the disrespect of some artificially sacrosanct “written law” – punishing the offender doesn’t make the world any safe for others, but it does reinforce “who’s the Boss”. And that’s not justice, that’s just dominance and authoritarianism.

To use the same resources spent on incarceration and put it towards rehabilitation not only is more humane, but it also makes the society safer and better for everyone for hopefully out of it there will be one less person whose heart will look maybe more kindly to others rather than bearing a an grudge towards it for the lest of their lives. If only we would remember the old adage: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar . . . there wouldn’t be so much anger and rage filling people.

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