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21 March 2016,

Bombardier Recreational Products & Vehicles (BRP), the world’s leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and power sports engines, has recently renewed—for the third year in a row, its contract with Pink Entropy (PE) as the agency handling in full scope its digital marketing presence and activities as well as on-ground activation’s and PR, fulfilling its objectives in the Middle East.

Pink Entropy’s scope, having been largely conversion-based and numbers-led, has proven the partnership between both parties to be successful with yet another fruitful year ahead of the team. Functioning as an extension of BRP’s marketing arm, Pink Entropy has managed the liaison with the distributors the best way there is, supporting the latter with the leads needed to push for sales, closing a good year.

Pink Entropy’s digital campaigns generated over 1000 quality leads during the peak months. With a strategic digital marketing approach, our ROI has witnessed an improvement of 95%. Not only did the brand visibility increase drastically, but conversions has jumped considerably as well due to the implementation of mobile focused campaigns and the constant optimizations of targets and creative assets.

With plans to manage the scale and speed demanded by clients like BRP, Pink Entropy will continue helping to streamline the process of acquiring leads and managing those with the distributors through highly targeted digital campaigns that are well coupled with video and branded content- this being a mandate for the agency.

“We are thrilled to be working with BRP in the 3rd consecutive year—and this time around looking at better ways to replicate the economics of the business in acquiring better quality leads through digital and new media–putting more potential customers behind the wheels of a Can-Am so they understand why this is the best in class off-road vehicle you take to smash the Middle East desert dunes!” said, Kristine Lasam, Managing Partner of Pink Entropy.

“Scheduled marketing efforts for the year include an on-ground scope that entitles us to work closely with the region’s different distributors to launch new and exciting field initiatives in order to leverage the brand’s presence, acquiring a higher market share in MEA,” she further added.

With set strategies to help BRP outperform competitors in the region, the time awaiting BRP and Pink Entropy is quite exciting. Being guided by performance, the agency is well equipped for the job and ready to deliver measurable, outstanding results.

Lorant Merva, BRP’s Commercial Manager for WEMEA, exclaims, “It’s been a great two years working with Pink Entropy, and we are excited about 2016, as we enter our third year of partnership with them. We know that it will be a year of challenges—it’s not going to be an easy year. The world economy and especially the regional landscape demand we get better at looking after our existing customers and acquiring new ones in far more efficient and creative ways. Digital and new media will be key for us this year—achieving our targets, being agile and nimble in a market that can be very volatile, managing our cost base are only possible with a partner that understands what it means to operate in tough times.”