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25 November 2015,


Many of us enjoy wine on a daily basis. Whether it is for celebrating a special occasion, gathered with friends, or simply alone to de-stress.

How much do you know about wine? If it’s not much at all, then this beginner’s guide will help in increasing your knowledge on some wine basics. At a wine bar or at home, we’ve got you covered with these simple yet useful guidelines in order to start your wine journey.


wine tasting

1. How wines are made:


Wine is produced with fermented grapes. Wine grapes are smaller, sweeter, and thicker in skin.

The fermentation process occurs due to the natural chemicals present. What this means, is simply that the sugars are being converted into alcohol. Yeast is essentially added as it consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts it into ethanol; the principle type of drinking alcohol.  

2. How long does wine last after the opening?


After opening the wine, it should be stored in the fridge. But how long will it remain drinkable after being opened and stored in the fridge?

Sparkling Wine 1-3 days. Should be preserve with a sparkling wine stopper (will lose fizz).

Light White and Rosé 5-7 days

White Wine 3-5 days

Red Wine 3-5 days


Below are a few tips as to how you can preserve the wine longer:

  1. Always store in the fridge after opening
  2. Put the cork back when storing. Otherwise, it will go bad really quickly.
  3. Wine preservers can be used and will store them better than the cork.
  4. Keep wine stored in cool, dark places such as a wine cellar. Same goes for unopened wine.
  5. Sunlight and warm places should be avoided.

3. Serving Wine; Glassware and temperature.


Different glasses and their shape can really affect the flavor greatly. This is simply because the way we drink can change the taste. Whether white or red, strong or light, each wine requires a particular wine glass for a better tasting.

With the use of our noses as well as our perception, our wine tasting can be enhanced with more enjoyment. Some of the glasses are especially designed to improve and augment the amount of aromas, so that the wine reaches its full flavor potential.

Below is a chart to help you understand the different types of wine glasses with its ideal wine.



Type of Glasses



Other than choosing the proper glassware, the wine must be served at the correct temperature. This is because the temperature directly influences the way in which a wine smells and tastes. The proper temperature will enhance the wine’s flavor and aroma at its best.


Below is a list of the proper temperature to serve the wine.


Sparkling wine   should be served “ice cold” with a temperature of 38 – 50° F, 5 – 10°C

   Tip:                      Up to 2 hours in the fridge before serving


White Wine        Should be served “fridge cold” with a temperature of 44 – 57° F, 7 – 14° C

   Tip:                    1 hour in the fridge


Light Red Wine Should be served “cool” with a temperature of 53 – 63° F, 12 – 17° C

   Tip:                    45 minutes in the fridge


Rich Red Wine    Should be served “slightly cool” with a temperature of 63 – 69° F, 17 – 21° C

   Tip:                   Around 20 minutes in the fridge   


Rosé Wine           Should be served ‘Fridge cold” with a temperature of 45-55° F or 7 – 13° C

   Tip:                 Up to 1 ½ hours in the fridge


Fortified Wines Should be served “cool” with a temperature of 55 – 68° F, 13 – 20° C

   Tip:                 20 – 45 minutes in the fridge



4. Wine Pairing


When paired with a meal, wine can be complemented. If you are thinking of bringing wine at a party/dinner, know what’s on the menu beforehand. Find out first what is being cooked; whether fish or meat. Depending on what’s on the menu, the chosen wine will complement the menu perfectly. The chart below demonstrates the perfect wine pairing.



wine and food



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