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13 March 2016,

Fashion shows exist to help designers show case their creations and selections to buyers in the retail, wholesale, distribution and online space. But as of late, the internet generation is allowing a design to lose its appeal once launched to mainstream buyers. Banning smart phones from the exhibition runway is just not an option.

That said, fashion shows and the whole models on the runway, do propagate life choices that are physically damaging to the models and the girls that look up to them. So maybe the death of fashion shows isn’t a bad thing.

The fashion industry only has itself to blame. It took the weeks where it held its industrial conventions/shows and made it a consumer event. “Fashion Week” did not exist 30 years ago. It was named “Fashion Week” by those who were trying to get publicity for what was before only made for industrial and haute couture interest. Now, years later, the consumer looks forward to seeing photos from these events — with the expected result that now the consumers are in charge instead of the buyers.
If designers are designing for retail, then make your designs, invest in some inventory to produce them, show them and then bank on the fact that some will sell more than others to even out your losses, just like most products do. Even record labels, photography and modeling agencies and grocery stores work this way. You’ve got a few stars on the brand that are the hit makers and then the rest might sell less but have a more faithful fan base over time.

Then, it will take the power out of the retailers hands to dictate what gets bought and what doesn’t and they will be clamoring to buy what everyone is buying directly. It will put the customers at the designers doorstep like Apple.