3 February 2016,

Young woman lying on floor at home using laptop computer.

Moving to another country can be emotionally overwhelming, especially when you need to worry about how to stay in contact with your loved ones back home.


Don’t worry, we can help you to find the right broadband internet in Malaysia. Check out these tips in order to worry-free connect with your family and friends from overseas:


  • Which internet provider suits your needs?

Make sure you determine on what you are looking for. Is it an internet connection for your home? Do you need a mobile broadband on-the-go? Or are you looking for a connection for your office?


  • Fixed line or wireless?

Choose between the two main types of broadband connections in Malaysia: Fixed-line and wireless. Malaysia has a few companies offering broadband connections, including P1 which offers one of the best broadband unlimited plans.


  • Is your area covered?

Make sure to pick an internet service provider that covers your area. Most broadband internet providers in Malaysia offer a search function on their homepage to be able to check for your broadband availability. You just need to key in your address including your postal code in order to get the result.


  • Do you need speed?

When living in Malaysia, there are various Internet speed options you can choose from. Before choosing a broadband package, first define if you want to stream movies or just need to check your emails and use social media platforms. If you need high speed, the more Mbps the better.  


  • Is the service provider reliable?

Ask your friends and neighbours and research reviews online in order to find the most reliable deals for you.


  • What about the value for money?

Check the cost-effectiveness first while screening the individual websites, which will help you to find the best-unlimited broadband option.


Which broadband connection would you recommend to choose in Malaysia? What are the benefits? Share your thoughts with us and leave a comment.