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14 March 2016,

Everyone loves getting a lump sum of bonus. It is well deserving after breaking so much sweat and blood from all the workload, and finally your boss notices your effort. Well done! Bankers in Malaysia typically get 3 months to a year’s worth of bonus and that is something we usually envy. However it doesn’t matter how much incentives you have, as long as you know the numbers in your bank account has increased, you should consider yourselves lucky.

Now, whenever you know you have that extra cash, what do you do with it? Would it be wise to spend it all off? Or are you the type who will store them forever in the savings account because you are precautious that way? Listed below are what we think is reasonable to spend a little sum every once in a blue moon.

1. Treat all your family members

It’s pretty much a tradition in Malaysia to treat your loved ones a good meal upon receiving a bonus. Same thing when you get a massive increment in your salary. It’s a way to show them that you appreciate their love and support in whatever things you do. It also means that you put them as the top priority before anything else. As the saying goes, happiness comes within a fulfilling meal!

2. Celebrate for fun at the bar

So you’ve treated your family members. What about your closest friends? Bring some friends out to the best bar in KL for some alcoholic drinks! Head over to Taman Tun, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar or Changkat for a bar hopping session with your cliques. Where to go in KL at night anyway if it’s not for the Malaysia bar? At least let them know you are a genuine friend and that you want to have a good time with them. Not everyone will simply belanja!

Marble 8 could be the perfect bar for you and your friends to visit ! Watch some videos on their Facebookpage or read this extensive article about Marble 8.

3. Buy something nice for yourself

New smart phone? New desktop computer? Or even a new wear for your wardrobe? Whatever it is, tell yourself you deserve it so you feel less guilty about buying it. No one should be judging you for what you plan to purchase.

4. Invest in life insurance if you haven’t already

It’s not something everyone would “believe” in, but it’s good to have a life insurance ready for any emergencies that can possibly happen. You may be in your youthful healthiest state but the future cannot be fully predicted. Better be safe than sorry.

5. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Fancy a little holiday but don’t feel like traveling too far away? Why not a staycation trip around Malaysia when there are 13 states for you to actually discover and experience the cultural differences? You can opt for road trips to Melaka if you are a food junkie or a relaxing beach getaway in the coastals such as Cherating beach or Pangkor Island. After all nothing beats having to unwind at somewhere else other than your workplace for even just a short period.  

Have you gotten your bonus this year? Let us know what sort of things you would do with your extra money if not for the points above!